The History Book of Stettler(working title), is a volunteer venture that is being undertaken by a group of local people interested in preserving the history of this community. Over the next few months, members of the group, will be gathering stories, and family histories of the people of our community. We hope to compile a fairly thorough record of Stettler, its history, and the people who made it the community we all know and love.

At this time, we are still looking for people who are able to help in some way. We would, of course, love for any contributions you can make, however if you would like to help with the compilation of the book, please let us know.

Stettler is one of the few towns in the area, that does not have a book dedicated to the history of the community. Botha, Big Valley, Red Willow, all have their own books, as well as Bashaw, which is discussing another one in the near future. Without these books, it is very easy for the colorful stories of our communities to vanish as the people who lived them slowly start to leave us. It is important to remember the history of our community, and to have a physical record of the many wonderful people who not only built our town, but continue to make it a great place to live.
The volunteers on the Stettler History Book, are looking to bring as much detail and color to our publication as we can. We understand that many people who lived in Stettler at one point, may no longer be in the area, yet still wish to have their time here recorded. Also, we understand that some people are better at computers, and some people are better at person-to-person. To try and make the information-collection process as easy, and comprehensive as possible, we are able to take submissions in many different ways. People can drop off their submissions, mail them, or send them electronically, with our online submission page.
5004-47st Stettler (The old Atco Electric office)
Box 1437
Stettler, AB
T0C 2L0
*Please make sure to let us know if any photos you submit are to be returned to you or not.

None of our forms are set to take information in a particular way. All the answers are voluntary, and you will not be brought back to the form if you leave some of them blank for any reason. If you submit your form, and feel you had left something/someone out please email us, with your First, and Last name at the top of the email so our volunteers can find the appropriate entry to add the information to. Also. Several of the text fields have suggestions for the sort of information we are looking for, however you are certainly not limited to just what is suggested in the fields, and we welcome any points/facts/stories you wish to submit.

Please be sure to leave your contact information as well for any questions/discrepencies we may wish to clear up before going to print. Due to space, and cost, some histories may be abreviated, we will attempt to ensure your approval on modified submissions